Peelable, non-strip wax is also known as hot wax. It is worked at the temp of 50 – 55 degrees, is sensitive to the skin and removes even short, coarse hair. The wax is applied against the hair growth and allowed briefly to set. The set wax is then peeled, no strips are required. This method is less aggressive to the skin, less painful and leaves almost no redness to the treated area. Hair is removed from front, back and everything in between! A ‘landing strip’ can be left or, alternatively, some clients opt for all hair to be completely removed.

For this procedure to be effective 5mm for fine hair / 10mm for coarser hair is required for the wax to ‘grab’ the hair.
This highly skilled, professional service ensures minimal discomfort for the client.

‘Emily prides herself on the professional yet personal and friendly service she offers. With over twenty years experience her clients are put at ease, quickly and caringly, and after only the first treatment, customers book again, returning confidently in the knowledge that it is both the least painful and most professional of procedures,’

The specialist French, creamy white peelable wax which Emily uses is the top product for intimate waxing, being known in the Beauty business as the most reliable and skin-friendly wax there is.

As a part of Emily’s professional service, disposable gloves are always worn, written aftercare advice offered as well as consultation on the most suitable waxing options, tailored to each client.

Emily offers both day and evening appointments to suit busy clients.A typical appointment for either treatment (Brazilian or Hollywood) is approx 1 hour, a little longer for the first appointment.

Emily is fully qualified and insured.